Trends I want to buy into, trends that may or may not work for me

Trends already in the closet

Seasonal workhorses (and their opposite)

Trip report: ETA I wore the puffer after all

Puffer in the bag: San Francisco, here I come. . .

In the navy now...and not nearing retirement.

Another packing post

Extra? Dries consignment find

WIW to crash

Surprise set?

Enough with the silver jeans, already

Drape and flow lite

The Shoe Review, Part 2: Mistakes were Made

More Zara: the silver knit top upsized & more

The silver jeans experiments. ETA more photos.

The Shoe Review

Zara: dresses and skirts up for review

Style renewal vs. style refresh

Silver jeans follow up -- sending back and thanks!

Denim on denim, the faded version

Zara try-ons part 1: Jackets

Tinfoil jeans?

NZ Fabbers: Bresley footwear?

When the trend tickles, milk it? Reviews of lower priced wide legs

Formula dressing

BR Tops, up for review, plus Everlane & Pilcro pants

New wide legs (and J. Crew)

Zippered tweed and wide legs

Winter MVPs

Or should I say, soft greens or greens and blues? Or front slits on skirts and dresses?

Late winter wrap-up and spring/ summer style direction more ways than one

. . . And footwear choices

And experiments with layered short & long toppers

Top Up: Something old and something new

Parachute stylings

Parachuting in! Styling ideas?

Doing the math

Style for 2023

Whitebread Woman? Inspired by Kkards

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