Another mini-capsule.

1901 in Navy

Coincidental coordination

EF Tilda

First order arrived. Pics added!

What I've ordered so far...what I'm still considering

NAS considerations

Summer outfits

Art Challenge: The Balcony 2

Milking it. 2 piece "dress" and other stylings.

More dresses: Return and K/R

WIMW: Skirts with flats

Returns: CM Quynh dress and others

WIW: to play with a new puppy

More Boden Dresses: The Good, the (too) bad, and the ugly

WIW to a Not-Funeral (plus new pixie)

Building complements: How to do it?

Building spring/ summer/ fall complements, the sandal edition

Boden dresses: my turn and K/R

WIB, rise comparison, and K/R J. Crew edition

Topshop dress

Red jacket

Need a wardrobe reset!

Black and light blue

WIW: Red!

Another coincidence

WSIW: Please help me pick!

Business Casual - WSIW?

More boots! Elodie Summit Review ETA Verdict at End.

Edit/ review/ refresh

Crave Report: Taos, that is.

The Annual Get Real with Myself Footwear Rant

WIW (and outfit lab): Vince dress!

Statements I'm Not Wearing: For Angie

Essentially speaking...

Denim pencil skirt and toile sweatshirt

2018 Style Goals (Also in blog)

GREAT customer service at Sandwich

Hectic pattern, calm colour (and sweater as a 3rd piece)

Dressing for the Life We Lead...Update: Success!

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