Travel Capsule

...or shorter ones

Navel grazing (and no, it's not a midriff baring top!)

Team Navy, Reporting for Duty (with a Side of Cobalt)

K/R summer dress Barbour vs. Babar -- update: returning after all.

(Highly modified) shorts suit

Blazer with tulle skirt

...and autumn tones in spring

Soft edge silver and grey

Black & Light Blue

White shirt

Brand Loyalty and Brand New

Coat column

Happy New Year! A Study in Silver and Blue

Looking forward: Style reset? (Long)

Style reflections 2020 oops 2021

WIMW -- thanks to Gaylene. Bonus hair and hat pics.

Plaid pants & YLF gift & Blundstones

Puffer replacements

Never Say Never: Denim Discovery

Wearing the Wild Card

BR jeans, BR flannel shirt, new merino sweater.

A few updates and a tale of 4 grey cardigans

Returns updates: Good customer service at Kit & Ace

More returns: Altitude

The spree that went splat...Kit & Ace

WIW: New silver greys

Ooops! Shopping spree!

In the pink and other real life fashion adventures

WIW: Plaid tulle


Speaking of suits

Has anyone seen this in person? BR raincoat with liner

WIW: Hero and Purchases

Tulle skirt reveal: ETA further styling thoughts downthread.

K/R Gunmetal bag

NAS Canada

All things old, nothing new: easy tube skirt outfit

WIW: Date Night!

Fluidly tailored: #1 and #4 mashup

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