Parachute stylings

Parachuting in! Styling ideas?

Doing the math

Style for 2023

Whitebread Woman? Inspired by Kkards

With cats

More items for review: Club Monaco

Boden Order: 3 keeps, 2 maybes.

A few reviews...and probable returns

2022 Review Part 2: Mistakes and Workhorses

2022 Style Review, Part 1

Style Personality Match or Mismatch

Tulle skirt and Fab shawl

Recent Returns: Some Reviews

Wear it a new way (and skin sandwich)

Holding Zone rescue

Winter whites

Relaxed merino top and pants, BR, review. Bonus WIW and cat.

Greyed and grey

Vintage Trench & white boots

Eccos and Blundstones

Multi-Striped and K/R Laguna

Liverpool Suit UPDATE -- new size for comparison

Some recent returns (and some gear keeps)

Ex-blonde, out of isolation

When the reviews are wrong

In isolation...

Not as simple, but same proportions

My 3 style adjectives -- and new moniker?

Skin sandwiches, statement vest, surprising winners, and column of navy for Joy

Quiet plaid and my discovery that it's time to buy more tartan!

Fragments of Fall, indeed

WIB: Talbots Shorts.

Things that take a while to come into their added info on Ripskirt

Consignment fun

Coat off! (ETA: Decision made and a few more pics).

Bra report

A keeper and a maybe

First order arrived: Jenny Bird earring

Sale in Canada

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