Or...True style blends fashion and practicality.

2 piece dress for winter -- instant workhorse

Fashion Forward, 2020

Then and Now

2019 Style Review: Numbers and Reflections

Double breasted and cutaway

Sock it to me: 1177 Review

Style Moniker: For Column

Pantone 2020 the Festive Way

Travel capsule: Spain

Short puffer switcheroo and earth tones my way.

Autumn jewels (and earth)

Fab items, unfab combo: details are everything!

PSA Canadians the Blondo snake report (plus chocolate!)

Button up!

WIWW: Plaid on plaid on plaid

Mustard Capsule in Progress ETA addition and possible addition...

A few fall outfits and some quick reviews

Colour Capsules: Some Questions

Baggy knees on pants

BR Crop High Rise denim -- thanks to Lisa P -- and questions!

The Long Long of It

The Long Short of It

Last of my NAS

Grab your fuchsia (and hot pink) crash helmets! (Lots of pics)

Consignment Light Blue: Bonus Photobomb by Max

Breezy summer skirt

Vancouver Report #2

Cancelled my red coat! :(

Suz/NAS: the update

NAS with Angie: the Process



Footwear reviews and observations

Coats and jackets

Shopping with the Pro: Part 1

Dress Challenge: 2 new ones

The Return Cycle. Plus a couple of keeps.

Knotted top w. flared skirt

Oops! Someone went shopping...

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