WIW 9/21 School doors

WIW: all the cool colors

WIW Fantasy to Reality: Steampunk week

WIW 9/21 Oktoberfest Edition

WIW: updated cardigan

Help choose glasses frames? ETA: New Head shot, lotsa pics

WIW 9/19 Ivory, denim & leopard

WIW: White & Navy for TGIF

WIW 9/18 White, grey and brown

WIW: the oxfords I have

Wildcard time

WIW Wed for bar burgers

WIW: Speaking of cardigans...

WIW 9/17 Pattern Mix


Sneaker feedback?

WIW: for fall weather

WIW: another great mind?

WIW: Blatantly trying for an Angie copy (ETA: better photos, shoes and jean jacket

The H&M order came

The times, the are a-changin' (for the better)

WIW 9/16 Graphic tee & pencil skirt

WIW: Because great minds...and all that

Half Way!!

WIW: mixed bag from the last few weeks

WIW: a tale of 2 tanks, and inspired by Alana

Work vs Private Style Persona ETA further revelations

WIW re-wears in the same week

WIW 9/14 Lunch al fresco

S/O: Fantasy You Challenge!

Burgundy jacket happiness

WIW: a fall-back formula for teaching

WIW 9/13 Birthday Party Edition

WIW: To and after the memorial service

WIW: hopeful update for an old favorite denim pencil

WIW: denim skirt ensemble

WIW: denim skirt repeat

WIW 9/12 Camo & polka dots

WIW: Inspired by RunCarla

Mismatched Earrings