Style Icon Challenge: Annie Lennox Part 1: Who's That Girl?

Sacrilege? ETA better pictures!

The Peplum...

WMMW (what my mom wore!) 09.19

Gives Us Precious...

From Wild Card to Wardrobe Pet

Edgy luxe/killer twee: pussy bow blouse, leather skirt and studded flats

My version of Maximal when I want to be minimal

Inspired by the capsule

Looking like a lumberjack...

Pussy Bow Blouse and Grey Jeans

The jumpsuit...

Transitional Black/white/grey pattern mixing

Caught the MZ Wallace bug

WIW : A Kimono in Spring

Casual look that is becoming a uniform.

WIW: summer patterns

WIW 09.01,02 [ensemble: transitional black, white & grey]

WIW: cropped pants, pullover, and bling

WIW 08.24-28 [typecon edition]

Suggest style icon(s)? Name my style(s)?

WIW: Black-White-Grey and Style Icon

WIW: 2 skirt outfits

Buttoned down boy (wiw)

Travel Capsule in Action (including culottes of controversy)

FFBO: Tunic and cropped pants

FFB Kimono and Denim

WIW: my take on kimono and denim

The Red Kimono: ok or too much? ETA: Long jeans & column of black

Pointless Editorial

WIW: another blue dress

Wardrobe maintenance pays off

80's Custom Thrifted flare...

WIW : As the Seasons Transition

WIW: an accidental icon

Feeling Great in my maxi with pockets

Shokatoes the Original Harem Pant

Style Icon Challenge: Jean Seberg

Selfie culottes

Styling the controversial culottes. Long and pic heavy.