WIW : Fade to Grey

WIW: Ingunn challenge week 3

WIW: hard edge with skirted leggings

Ingunn's Challenge: Week 3 Lace, Matchy-matchy and more

Vests for spring?

WIW: Boho Friday

WIW: Casual Friday Leather

WIW: cords, jeans, & a new bag

Butt-vest, Size S: Taken!

WIW: Graphic print & purple blazer

Playing With Citron, Olive & Cognac

WIW: Short. Soft. So...is it "me"? And if so, why?

WIW: Lotsa black & the other specs

Skirted leggings lemming: Dare I wear them? (Do I want to?)

WIW: Back in Black

What makes an orphan an orphan?

WIW: Animal Print & Citron

WIW: sequins for work and holiday party

WIW: Casual Shannon Wears Citron, Olive & Cognac

Reporting on the Raindress for fab cycle commuters (plus pics)

WIW: Ingunn Challenge, week 2

WIW: citron and no olive - and others

Ingunn's Challenge: Week 2

WIW: Blush Leather & Trouser Jeans

Help me de-orphan these boots...

Well ladies, I tried

WIW: Red & Dark Brown

WIW: skinny cords 3 ways

WIW: Just flattering enough version north

WIW: Chunky boots to the office

WIW: Dark & Drapey

WIW from Ingunn's challenge

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Post and run: CSI-Rae

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what to wear wtih my stone trousers