WIW : White & Hi Low

WIW : New Lace Jacket :)

WIW 11.23-25 [++festive]

Festive blues

WIW/WIB in Harajuku: Tokyo Bopper, kawaii style!

K/R/Hem: Have I found my winter-worthy culottes?

"Poncho" and vest


More puffers

Puffer Updates

Styling a new dress.

Puffer shopping: Suggestions welcome

WIW : For A Procedure!

WIW : To Church

WIW: More Golden oldies with blogger inspiration

WIW 11.12 [anniversary white-out]

Trying the trends and copying my YLF friends

WIW: 2 saves from the closet edit

WIW 11.09-11 [blues]

New Fall Proportions (my way)

A Dress for Brooklyn

WIW [fall YLF meetups]

Velvet leggings and mismatched greys

Lagging in the Leggings dept.

WIW: Burgundy, navy, and blush for YLF meetup


WIW : My New Favourite Pants

WIW: Volume on Volume with Flares

WIWing in the fall

WIW : Colour & Pattern 2.0

Dressing to support the home team without a team tee

WIW: playing with the flattery scale

WIW: Oldies

WIW : Blue Monday

A little taste of my recent vacation with some WIWs thrown in

WWW for Halloween: Samurai, three ninjas and a Japanese princess

Post-apocalyptic capsule: dead stuff and lots of drapey black

WIW : A Belt with Super Powers!

WIW 10.28-30 [rainy weather]

WIW [4x gray and black]