WIW: sneakers and a dress

WIW: dark red with light blue and others...

WIW 08.22 [back to basics]

K/R EF open knit hi-lo cardigan

WIW - My favorite top!

WIW 8/22 Blue leopard & black

WIW: Sporty Eileen

K/R Black Ankle boots

WIW 8/21 Take 2, much more me.

WIW 08.21 [sporty slouchy, bordering sloppy]

K/R EF Dark Tulip dress

WIW Thurs. (hot) day in the life

WiW 8.21 - Unintentional Matchy Matchy

WIW 8/21 Moto & Flares, summer edition.

WIW: For Interview Day 2

WIW 08.20 [something different - all black (insp by SarahTheWhite)]

WIW 08.19 [going for gold, AKA more is more]

Speaking of duplication

An incredibly smart exact duplication? (ETA final decision @ bottom)

WiW 8.20 - It fits!!!

WIW 8/20 Hipster BBQ edition

WIW: White & Silver

WIW: Slouchy grey

WIW backlog - BF jeans

WIW: For Eirlys and Sveta

WIW Tue - shiny and silver and triangles oh my

WIW - dressy at work

WIW: Ride the lightning

WIW: Corporate Approachable

WIW: sweater & contrasting tank and other outfits

WIW-dance class casual

BF tee - how big is too big?

WIW: Vest With Sleeveless Outfits

Dark Red

Kaftans, Kimonos and the Coming of Autumn (Booo)

WIW: Meh

WIW 8/17 Soiree en Blanc edition

Mama Mia: Experiments in plaid

Experimenting with Culottes

Laundry mishap update