My Dance Capsule in Action!

Wrapped Plaid blazer

Style descriptors: a thought experiment

Wrapped Denim Jacket: Whiteout

Wide-leg crops: I did it my way

Sunday Slay: Feeling Casually Elegant...

Wrapped denim, St. Pat's edition

Dressed Up "High-Tops"

Clear knee mom jeans

Essentials vs. statements -- why bother categorizing?

Monochrome essentials

Sunday Slay: Week 35

Jeansquest: the sequel

Cross-seasonal essentials in 4 season climate

WWW 3/8 for International Women's Day

Culottes & Cocoon Coat

WIW Over Summer

WIW: Cold Spring, Color

Hair dye adventure! Lol

If sneakers are here to stay, which should I buy? EDIT: strikeouts

WIW: ink uniform, kitchen sink mix my way, lilac coat.

Sunday Slay: It's a sunshiny day.

Culottes and Cocoon Cardi

WIW: Work

WIW: wide leg jeans, on the road

Sunday Slay: The Shaggy Faux Fur

More thoughts on (not) shopping

WWW: Travel capsule

Trouser outfit

Ankle pants and killer heels

Inspiration v.s. Real life

Sunday Slay: Week 32...

WIW: playing with patterns and brights

Meet The Real Chicago...


Jackets: sleeves too long, sleeves too short!

A new basic (WIW)

WIW: Donna's Valentine Challenge. ETA photos of 2 more outfits

Happy Valentine's Day...

WIW: bold color pattern mixing