This is my HAPPY FACE...

Style Lab IV: Silhouettes

Trying an Angie ensemble with leopard bag

WIW: Casual Layers with Bling, my way

Over all a good day..

Pattern, Color& Texture Oh My

WIW: 20th reunion

WIW: day after Thanksgiving

WIW: New Boots and Panties!!

Hip Train Conductor All aboard!

Style Lab III: Data Mining

It's all in the details Maxim overload.

Would you wear a plaid shirt backwards?

Discount HEWIs, expensive failures [edit: WIW: the Fryes]

Multiple Style Shifts

WIW: return of the max

Looking like me again.

Style Lab II: Requirements

The baby bump

Veteran Fashion Flashback

WIW Election week

WWW Halloween 2016: May the Force Be With You

WIW: Black for day after election. Culottes?

Improve, protect, appreciate, connect

Style Lab I: Definitions

Getting with the program: wide leg crops and PPL

WIW: cropped flares and a little waist definition

How I wear a plaid shirt

A Maximal Jacket

Skulls and lace

Triple crown: pony print equestrian

WIW/WIB: pyjama samurai

Solution to Churn?

Red is Best

A few J. Crew reviews

Sacrilege IV: The Devil in the Detail

WIW: Attempts at maximalixm

WIW on our first snowy day

Think Pink? J. Crew jacket

Minimally maximal