The weekend

I took a walk

Silver hair: How did your style change?

WIW 6/20-21: A Bug's Life and Finding Dory

WIW: a challenging silhouette

Seems I Made the Right Career Choice!

Breaking through the Budget Mindset

WIW: big earrings

High-end, Low-end and somewhere in the middle.

The Weekend Looks.....

Big earrings: A (mostly) summer fling

Hi all! WIW, KR

New makeup: before and after

This jacket...UPDATE with picture

WIW 06.14-17 [cropped]

WIW 6/17: Hard edge floral

An Unexpected Evening OUT

WIW 06.11-13 [ensemble blue, white, gray - casual weekend edition]

WIW 6/15: Pretty in pink

Ge'Le' Day and Summer Neutrals..

Weekend Work & After Work Flow...

WIW 6/13: Putting on my armor (update: success!)

Sneak Peak of Veterans urban photo shoot.....

Light blue (or blush), White and Grey

My Friday evening....

WIW 6/10: Citron et cerise noire (hair reveal)

WIW: A neckerchief and crops outfit fail

WIW 06.07-10 [graphic and bright]

and double denim...

Awkward photos.....

Only thing missing is my canvas book bag...

Easy Neckerchief Outfit: Hit or Miss?

What Dreams May Come.....A visual feast.....


WIW 6/5 Ruffle hem and K/R white crop boyfriend Catherines

WIW 6/7: Going boating

Hair, and there. Comparison photos.

What If.....

Burgundy hair--do I dare?

WIW: the "impractical" dress