Feeling Fall

Hair dye adventure! Lol

Dancing road trip!

WIW - purple and print

WIW - sci fi booties

WIW - My favorite top!

WIW - dressy at work

WIW-dance class casual

WIW - Soft Camo

WIW - leafy/floral pants

WIW - Not me but I like it anyway.

WIW-Red, White & Blue

Aqua Pants and Sporty Stripes

Leopard & Sequins

WIW-boxy, purple, sequins

WIW-feels like Audrey Hepburn

WIW - edgy?

WIW - Rare Sight

WIW-super casual

WIW - lime stripes

WIW-pants, keep or pass on?

When your clothing creates a feeling.

WIW-floral on a sunny day

Proud of myself!

WIW-Mother's Day, time to donate?

WIW-It's been a while.

Closet Organization?

Recommendations wanted

Thanks so much to Laura (rhubarbgirl)

biscuitsmom rocks!

No buy January!

Saturn Necklace

New hair color, before and after

Mean comment from a customer about my coat

Ebay question

Plaid/Sequin Yay or Nay

WIW-A rare woven and cons

WIW-Sweater, leggins, booties

My newest Cons

Help! I want to change the way I shop!

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