Trying different toppers with an outfit

couldn't resist the boilersuit

WIW: balloon jeans

New glasses

Pixie me

WIW: new pullover & oldish jeans

WIW: summer dresses


WIW: white jeans for Angie

WIW: Corona couture

WIW: boyfriend jeans, then and now

WIW: midi dress and stompy boots

WIW: adding interest to an outfit

WIW: birthday dinner outfit

WIW: casual summer palazzo pants

WIW: Cropped flare jeans

WIW: when the stars of 2 trends align

WIW: Neutral spring outfit

Found? Spring raincoat

WIW: A Very "Me" Week--Day 5

WIW: A Very "Me" Week, Day 4

WIW: A Very "Me" Week, Day 3

WIW: A very "me" week, day 2

WIW: A Very "Me" Week, Day 1

thinking of spring: my work wardrobe

WIW: playful pencil skirt outfit

WIW: a fringe trend, overalls

WIW: Fair Isle cardigan

WIW: Midi and flat booties

WIW: new sunglasses

WIW: A summer outfit

WIW: pastel pants & light neutrals

WIW: upcycled shirt

WIW: a version of black, cinnamon and red

WIW: festive purple velvet

WIW: Utility pretty

WIW: cobalt genie pants

WIW: summer top and jeans

WIW: DIY boho cutoffs

WIW: channeling my style icon in a crisp shirt

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