WIW: Midi and flat booties

WIW: new sunglasses

WIW: A summer outfit

WIW: pastel pants & light neutrals

WIW: upcycled shirt

WIW: a version of black, cinnamon and red

WIW: festive purple velvet

WIW: Utility pretty

WIW: cobalt genie pants

WIW: summer top and jeans

WIW: DIY boho cutoffs

WIW: channeling my style icon in a crisp shirt

WIW: another dress over pants--the work version

WIW: dress over cropped flares

WIW: Spring tweed for Easter

WIW: thinking pink

Culottes & Cocoon Coat

WIW: Boiled wool hoody

WIW: 2 holiday outfits--faux fur and wine-out

WIW: day after Thanksgiving

WIW: cropped flares and a little waist definition

WIW: to Portland YLF meetup

WIW: plaid and pearls

New work clothes: a 6-item capsule

WIW: cropped pants, pullover, and bling

WIW: 2 skirt outfits

WIW: my take on kimono and denim

WIW: another blue dress

the dog-print t-shirt

summer dress with Birkenstocks

dark red culottes

WIW: for YLF meetup

WIW: July 4

New makeup: before and after

WIW: the "impractical" dress

Voile dress & blouse, and how to wear a summer dress on a cool spring day

WIW: triple denim, to shop for nude bags

WIW: denim on denim in black and white

WIW to shop for shoes I don't need

WIW: casual pants, tee, denim jacket

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