What I bought...


With a blazer

WIW: non - denim and non- shorts outfit ETA 2nd outfit


To Butchart Gardens

K/R Wide Leg jeans (and style lab)

WIW: Easy Quiet Layers, #1 ETA: #3 & #2

WIW: Shirt Dresses

WIW: Column of Color

OOTD: Silky Neon

OOTD: Twist & Shout

OOTD: Old Spring Fave

OOTD: Simple Streamlined Quality

WIW thanks to Runcarla!

OOTD: All Saints Denim Dress

OOTD: EASY Emotional Comfort

OOTD: Tired Blue & Desparate Dots (TYPOS FIXED!)

OOTD: Tinkerbell

Goodbye, Creative Recreation hi-tops

WIW: Inspired by Sweatshirt Chic

WIW: white jeans for Angie

White Jeans Season


OOTD: Skirted Colour for Dad

My (current) sweatshirts/ hoodies -- and where shall I find my new one?

OOTD: FFBO Trendy Dutch Comfort

OOTD: Pretty for Power

New house, new closet

OOTD: Scrubbing Dress

OOTD: My Avant-Garde

OOTD: Lemon Squash

OOTD: Not So Simple Stripes

In praise of wearing an actual outfit.

OOTD: Quietly Loud

OOTD: Scrubbing Twinset

OOTD: Fuchsia Sunset

WIW: Quiet Plaid formulas 3&4 from the closet: Winter Indoor Style

OOTD: Mustard & Ice

OOTD: Rainbow Glitzy Golden Oldies