Seasonal refresher WIW

White tulle, black pleats (and matchy matchy cat purse)

Blazer, knit top, and pile of pearls for daytime date

WIW : A Little More Colour & Pattern!

A day at the Museum

Gap velvet top: a winner

EF Harems go to a Wedding

Last minute packing decision (thanks, it was great!)

Silk cami: is this The One or not?

WIW : Transitioning to Spring

Fall haul: the reckoning

The Adventure of Super Zi'Joy & G.I. MaMa Donna

Possible DIY Project

Summer Fest & Birthday Milestones...

Updating the fall closet

Heat wave!

WIW: Utility pretty

Reclaiming My Time, Reclaiming my Time...

Genie Lite

WIW: cobalt genie pants

Copying Mirjana ETA Finds

It's fall in stores, hooray! And I'm shopping too much! (k/r)

Utility Pretty 3 Ways + Chain Strap Bag

WIW: summer top and jeans

Summer Olive and White with Black

A laundry triumph

A parade, a park, and prayer...

WIW : Dress Duplicate

Milestones, Family & Frogs...

WIW to the Theatre

Adjusting to wide legs: WIW

Ice cream socials and lunch in the park...

WIW: Bright pink and soft? red

My reviews and report. ETA Team Wear

WIW & Change in Direction

The greatest little big chapeau...

Denim Skirt Ensemble X 3

Ge'Le Day 2017...

Utility Dressed Up

My Love of the Wrap passed on...