Another oldie floral cardigan, white jeans

Another oldie: floral cardie with maximal mixing

Oldies: jackets with Black trousers for Angie

Oldies: the twin sets ETA a third

Oldie LBD

Oldies X4

A visual feast for the eyes...

Dare to wear & Dare to be there...

Scarf Challenge

For Angie: My problem lavender jacket

WIW: edgy preppy pink

That's not my life...

Goodbye, fleece jacket. I'm sorry I let you go

Goodbye, embroidered blue babouche loafers

Very basic lilac with burgundy outfit.

Springing forward into Life...

Goodbye, cowboy rock star ankle boots

WIW: upcycled shirt

Goodbye, heavy necklace

WIW: Black and Light Blue

Beetlemania and clown pants

Black and light blue

WIW Frankenstein Ballet

Good bye, edgy flats, I can't let you hurt me anymore

WIW: Red!

Another coincidence

WIW: less black

Goodbye, gap tall sweater

ZFG: New style moniker

Goodbye, bell sleeve sweater with tie detail

Goodbye, holey joggers. I shall truly miss you

WSIW: Please help me pick!

Good by, hi-top sneakers.

Business Casual - WSIW?

Goodbye, hoodie tunic. I'm sad to see you go

Packing for Maui

More boots! Elodie Summit Review ETA Verdict at End.

Edit/ review/ refresh

Crave Report: Taos, that is.

WIW: Dark and silver