Red plaid pants and some more purchases and possibles

2020. The year of gear.

Show us your Dog-Cat-Bird Wardrobe Stash!

Cold weather cycling gear?

Cobalt and Black

FAB Checked Italian Wool Pants for $85 (Pics)

My Version of the Easy Neutrals Outfit

WIW: double plaid

Yay from me! Double plaid.

OBG the champion


OBG #4 Blue leopard

OBGs #3

OBG #3 The Blues

WIW: #OBG Pantsuit plus pink

OBG #2


WIW: OBG and November 21 items

The Long and Short of It.

WIW: Pleated skirt for October. Featuring the rust top for Jenn

WIW: Pink paisley

Back to a Classic Pixie

Not a Walking Wimp: For Anchie

WIW: Early Fall Vests

Fall 2020: Rescue and Release (Long)

OOTD: Sporty Luxe Sherlock

New '70s Dress: Missoni my Way


Do I need this jacket?

Newly Complemented!

WIW - thanks to Sterling

A birthday tube skirt outfit

My order (after all)

No NAS for me: ETA got a bra- thanks, Marilyn!

My Soft Wide Summer Pants ETA: white (bone) Pants

OOTD: Classic - Trendy - Classic - Trendy

Which of your recent purchases reflects a newer trend?

WIW: summer dresses

Sal’s Tee Shirt Challenge #3. ETA today’s tee

Second-hand tech...or maybe not? ETA Fabric composition and neckline notes