What's your surprising summer MVP?

30x30: outfits so far this week

What we Wore...

Let's Go...

WIW: channeling my style icon in a crisp shirt

30X30 Challenge Final List

Little Blue Dress

Saturday in the park...

Some Recent Casual Dresses over White Jeans plus a Summer Scarf

Out and about...

WIW: another dress over pants--the work version

Tomboy casual: the cape bomber

Wide pants; cropped top

Tomboy casual with a twist

WIW: dress over cropped flares

RedCroppedChinos for the Farmers' Market

Iceland travel report

Topper Lab for Peach Chinos

Inspired by Runcarla's red crops

In which I try on pastels and overanalyze things

Returning to a favourite formula

Some outfits with pastels

Sunday Summer Cinnamon

Complimentary not matchy matchy...

My perfect white shirt?

Packing...for Iceland!

Cold Spring EF Layers

A sneakerhead is born

New glasses!!

WIW 05.13-19 [soft]

Apple red? in Montreal

Casual Cold Spring Pastels

Inspired by Angie's Valentine Ensemble

A ROG outfit for a rainy day with chance of snow.

Moths invaded my keep/return pile!

WIW: Spring Scarf (napkin)

K/R: comfort object/conceptual art/luggage

WIW [early may]

Baby wear?????

For Aida: Tweed jacket w/white & silver + jacket lab