A sea of denim skirts, and assorted k/r

Upgrading: when to stop

Splurging on an of-the-moment It Bag: bad idea?

Vintage high rise reprise [mom jeans]

Cowboy boots

The infamous Levi’s wedgie jeans and my vintage high rise quest

Yet another round of interview clothes (ETA photos)

WIW: edgy preppy pink

WIW: less black

shoe zeitgeist

Done with job interviews!

WIW: my weird shirt, finally!

The academic interview grand tour begins: help me pack! (update)

The wardrobe awards: a year in review

Too oversized? (k/r)

Do you ever get stuck on repeat while shopping?

Gap velvet top: a winner (now with photos)

Last minute packing decision (thanks, it was great!)

Silk cami: is this The One or not?

Fall haul: the reckoning

Heat wave!

It's fall in stores, hooray! And I'm shopping too much! (k/r)

A laundry triumph

Adjusting to wide legs: WIW

Custom leather jacket sleeve length - help me choose it!

Tomboy casual: the cape bomber

In which I try on pastels and overanalyze things

My perfect white shirt?

A sneakerhead is born

New glasses!!

Moths invaded my keep/return pile!

My stripes (wiw)

A mini-trend I'm loving: fishnet ankle socks

I think this sweater is a failure? Now with photos.

WIW: Tweed, with musings on style, androgyny, and thrifting

WIW: cropped with cropped. And new sneaks!

WIW: what I want to stock up on

Wide-leg crops: I did it my way

Monochrome essentials

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