Custom leather jacket sleeve length - help me choose it!

Tomboy casual: the cape bomber

In which I try on pastels and overanalyze things

My perfect white shirt?

A sneakerhead is born

New glasses!!

Moths invaded my keep/return pile!

My stripes (wiw)

A mini-trend I'm loving: fishnet ankle socks

I think this sweater is a failure? Now with photos.

WIW: Tweed, with musings on style, androgyny, and thrifting

WIW: cropped with cropped. And new sneaks!

WIW: what I want to stock up on

Wide-leg crops: I did it my way

Monochrome essentials

Jeansquest: the sequel

If sneakers are here to stay, which should I buy? EDIT: strikeouts

WIW: wide leg jeans, on the road


Jackets: sleeves too long, sleeves too short!

A new basic (WIW)

My faculty interview clothing! Decision time.

Goldilocks and the two jackets

When your formal capsule... is covered in mildew!

Uniqlo has taken over my wardrobe!

Black Friday, black denim

WIW: 20th reunion

Discount HEWIs, expensive failures [edit: WIW: the Fryes]

Getting with the program: wide leg crops and PPL

Buttoned down boy (wiw)

Wardrobe maintenance pays off

Fashion icon challenge: Ines de la Fressange

Duplicating and sizing up

WIW: a challenging silhouette

Hi all! WIW, KR

Edgy tweed: a Zara double windfall

A minor coat debacle (update: coat triumph)

WIW: futuristic sweater and holy grail shoes

Thoughts on boots trends & choices


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