Joining the Plain on the Train. ETA another plain outfit

A striped top styled for Spring. ETA: 2 More...dress with tweed jackets and chinos outfits

Tweedy outfit turned upside down

More festive outfits for December, 3b

Festive outfits #3 WIW and WIPTW

Today’s Gold & Black outfit and a few other festive casuals for December

Cobalt and Black

My Version of the Easy Neutrals Outfit

WIW: double plaid


OBGs #3

OBG #2

WIW: OBG and November 21 items

WIW: Pleated skirt for October. Featuring the rust top for Jenn

WIW: Early Fall Vests

A birthday tube skirt outfit

My Soft Wide Summer Pants ETA: white (bone) Pants

Sal’s Tee Shirt Challenge #3. ETA today’s tee

Happy Birthday, Sweet Angie: ETA 2nd outfit

Tee shirt dress ETA: more Casual Dresses

Tee Challenge Part 2: Edited to add More.

Sal’s Tee Challenge:ETA another tee

Pattern Squared Outfits X 4

Style It Forward Outfits

WIW: Weekend Orange

WIW: some Style It Forward challenge outfits

WIW: non - denim and non- shorts outfit ETA 2nd outfit

WIW: Easy Quiet Layers, #1 ETA: #3 & #2

WIW: Shirt Dresses

WIW: Column of Color

WIW: Inspired by Sweatshirt Chic

WIW: Quiet Plaid formulas 3&4 from the closet: Winter Indoor Style

Outfit Challenge: ETA added today’s outfit

Leapday Consignment Finds

Jenn’s Challenge

Follow up on my fashion challenge

I Need Fashion Advice

More challenge outfits for fall accessories and jeans

Challenges: Jeans and Accessories

More prompt challenge outfits

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