WIW 6/6: Kate Spade ice cream with polka dot sprinkles

Beetlemania and clown pants

ZFG: New style moniker

WIW and K/P: More food baby woes

White tulle, black pleats (and matchy matchy cat purse)

Clear knee mom jeans

WWW 3/8 for International Women's Day

Pity party, pewter puffer, political protest, and pile of poo

WIW Election week

WWW Halloween 2016: May the Force Be With You

Skulls and lace

Triple crown: pony print equestrian

WIW 9/29: Studded T strap pumps vs. flats (and should I purge my heels?)

Edgy luxe/killer twee: pussy bow blouse, leather skirt and studded flats

Caught the MZ Wallace bug

Suggest style icon(s)? Name my style(s)?

WIB at NAS including UWP wild cards

(UW)Princess Picks a Pewter Puffer

WIW 7/18 Always Be Fabulous: Dr. Mommy Princess Ballerina

NAS: need jeans help

WIW 7/15 Mint chip: And now for something totally different

WIW 7/14: Bloody Hamlet Obsession

WIW 7/12-13 Introducing Hamlet: Obsession (aka skullduggery)

WIW 7/9 Birthday fun: Clown pants & orange slice bag

WIW 7/8: Dressy matchy matchy floral skirt and white denim

WIW 7/7: Parisienne chic

WIW 7/4: More red, white & blue for July 4

WIW 7/1: Independence Day red, white & blue with fireworks

WIW 6/22: Jailbird

WIW Shark Week: Finding Nemo

WIW 6/24: Coral, blush, cream, taupe, ink blue Star Wars style

WIW 6/20-21: A Bug's Life and Finding Dory

WIW 6/17: Hard edge floral

WIW 6/15: Pretty in pink

WIW 6/13: Putting on my armor (update: success!)

WIW 6/10: Citron et cerise noire (hair reveal)

WIW 6/5 Ruffle hem and K/R white crop boyfriend Catherines

WIW 6/7: Going boating

Burgundy hair--do I dare?

WIW 6/2 Taking a stand against gun violence (with my food baby)

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