WIW : Linen! Thanks Traci

Does Pima Cotton Shrink?

WIW : A Little More Colour & Pattern!

EF Harems go to a Wedding

WIW : Transitioning to Spring

WIW : Dress Duplicate

WIW to the Theatre

WIW & Change in Direction

WIW Over Summer

Seasons Greetings

WIW : A Kimono in Spring

WIW : As the Seasons Transition

WIW : Winter Style

Where are we at with sneakers?

WIW: Harem Pants (not 'Lite') :)

WIW : Grey Day

WIW : A 100% Emotional Purchase

Seems I Made the Right Career Choice!

WIW : Winter Has Arrived!

WIW: Cropped Pants & Layers

WIW : Is it a skirt or a top ;)

Questioning just how much to buy for Winter

WIW : Seasonally Confused:)

WIW : A Zippy Skirt:)

Outfit Heaven?

Harem Pants Inspiration Thread!

WIW : More EF Harem Styling:)

WIW : New Droppies

Coats/Jackets for Winter:)

WIW : EF Harems Sunday Styling:)

Beyond All Expectation aka EF Harems Arrived:)

Short Hair!

WIW & Easter Greetings

Help me choose new specs?

WIW : Harems

WIW : School Canteen Duty

K/R Graphic B&W

WIW : Denim Look Culottes

Autumn Long Cardigan Update:) AKA It takes a village...

WIW : Mum of a Teen!!

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